Jack Sahl

Appointment Title: 
Adjunct Associate Professor
Type of Faculty: 
Part Time
650 Charles Young Drive Box 951772 71-279B CHS Los Angeles, California 90095
Areas of Interest: 

Epidemiologic Methods

Environmental and occupational epidemiology

Sustainable Communities: Food, Water & Energy

Environmental exposure assessment

Use of epidemiology for evidence-based public health policy development

Corporate Environment, Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

Non-ionizing Radiation

Communication of Complex Health & Safety Issues

Biographical Information: 

Jack is the founder and Principle Scientist of a boutique environment, health and safety consulting company.  Teams of business, policy, engineering, and scientific leaders address high-priority issues and implement solutions to create lasting value.   The focus is on the integration of energy, water & the environment to support ‘Sustainable Cities’; environmental management; and employee and public health and safety.


Prior to leading his Company, Jack was an Executive with Southern California Edison Company.  Jack headed SCE’s Corporate Environment, Health & Safety department and was responsible for all aspects of worker safety and environmental policy and programs. He was the Director of Environment & Resource Sustainability, and was responsible for the development, strategy, and implementation of SCE’s corporate responsibility and sustainability programs at SCE.   Jack has also been responsible for SCE’s Charitable Contributions in the area of ‘Environmental Giving’.  Additionally, Jack led the development and implementation of SCE’s policy for electric and magnetic fields, spanning the frequency range of 0 Hz to microwave telecommunications.


Jack serves on the Board of the Los Angeles Conservation Corp, the National Forest Foundation, and Sequoia Riverlands Trust; the Technical Advisory Board for Lloyd's Registry Quality Assurance, the TWU Sector Council for the NIOSH National Occupational Research Agenda, and the Electric Power Research Institute’s Occupational Health and Safety Science Advisory Panel.

PhD, Epidemiology – University of California, Los Angeles
MS, Environmental Health – University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
BS, Biology/Chemistry – La Verne College, California
This faculty member is available to serve as: 
MS Report Committee Member
Field Studies Advisor

Please check with the faculty member or their office about availability to serve during current academic period.

Selected Publications: 

1.       R. A. Tell, G. G. Sias, A. Vazquez, J. Sahl, J. P. Turman, R. I. Kavet, and G. Mezei, 2012.  Radiofrequency Fields Associated With The Itron Smart Meter.  Radiation Protection Dosimetry doi:1093/rpd/ncr468


2.       Bumby S, Druzhinina E, Feraldi R, Werthmann D, Geyer R and Sahl J, 2010.  Life cycle assessment of overhead and underground primary power distribution. Environ. Sci. Technol44: 5587–5593


3.       Kheifets, L; Ahlbom, A; Feychting, M; C. Johansen, C; Sahl, JD and Savitz, DA, 2007.  Extremely low-frequency magnetic fields and heart disease: Review and Commentary. Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health: 33(1):5-12.


4.       Fordyce, TA, MA Kelsh, ET Lu, JD Sahl, and JW Yeager, 2007.  Thermal Burn and Electric Shock Injuries among Electric Utility Workers, 1995-2004. Burns 33:209-220.


5.       Kheifets, L., J.D. Sahl, R. Shimkhada, and M.H. Repacholi, 2005.  Developing Policy in the Face of Scientific Uncertainty: Interpreting 0.3 uT or 0.4uT Cut Points From EMF Epidemiologic Studies.  Risk Analysis 25: 927-935.


6.       Sahl, J.D., G. Mezei, R. Kavet, A. McMillan, A. Silvers, A. Sastre, and L. Kheifets, 2002.  Occupational magnetic field exposure and cardiovascular mortality in a cohort of electric utility workers.  American Journal of Epidemiology 156:913-918.


7.       Kheifets, L.I., E.S. Gilbert, S.S. Sussman, P. Guenel, J.D. Sahl, David Savitz, and G. Theriault, 1999.  Comparative analysis of the studies of magnetic fields and cancer in electric utility workers: studies from France, Canada, and the United States.  Occup Environ Med 56:567-574

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