Roberta Malmgren

Roberta Malmgren
Appointment Title: 
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Type of Faculty: 
Part Time
650 Charles Young Drive South Box 951772 Suite 71-236A CHS Los Angeles, CA 90095
Areas of Interest: 

Geriatric Epidemiology: prevention of age-related diseases such as stroke; rehabilitation of elderly; epidemiology of aging; prevention/reduction of loss of function in aging; role of epidemiology in health services issues and aging; interventions to increase and maintain independence in the elderly; dementia.


This faculty member is available to serve as: 
Masters Advisor
MS Report Committee Member
Field Studies Advisor

Please check with the faculty member or their office about availability to serve during current academic period.

Selected Publications: 

Smith Lisa V, Malmgren Roberta, Dyer Irene E, Sorvillo Frank, Vaughn Gregory S, Visscher Barbara Chlamydia trachomatis in older Los Angeles County residents, 1991-1998: implications and recommendations for the detection of sexually transmitted infections in older age groups.. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 2002; 50(9): 1557-60.

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