The major scientific goals of the Center for Environmetal Genomics are to evaluate mechanisms and effects of environmental carcinogens; to assess the role of genetic susceptibility; to study potential gene-environmental interactions on the development and progression of cancer and other non-communicable diseases (NCDs); and eventually to apply the knowledge gained from studies of the molecular epidemiology and carcinogenesis to cancer etiology, early detection and screening, prevention and control research and practice. Center Co-Directors: Dr. Robert Schiestl and Dr. Zuo-Feng Zhang

The Behavioral Assesment Research Center (BARC) is collaborative group of researchers who focus on sexually transmitted infections including HIV and related issues such as sexual risk and health behaviors, microbicide feasibility and acceptability, HIV/STI prevention/treatment, and substance use practices. We work in diverse communities conducting research in partnership with community agencies, clinics, research organizations, universities, and public health departments.

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UCLA Center for Global and Immigrant Health

For additional information on the Global Health Program, please contact:

UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

16-035 CHS
650 Charles E. Young Drive, S.
Los Angeles, CA 90095
(310) 825-8206

Dr. Haroutune Armenian
Associate Director for Global Health
UCLA Center for Global and Immigrant Health

Dr. Steven P. Wallace
Associate Director for Immigrant Health
UCLA Center for Global and Immigrant Health

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Center for Occupational and Environmental Health

The state of California established an Occupational Health Center within the University of California in 1979. The goal of the Center for Occupational and Envioronmental Health (COEH) is to stimulate and support multi-disciplinary efforts to enhance research and teaching of occupational safety and health. Opportunities for field study and research are available. Drs. Leeka Keifitz, Beate Ritz, and Zuo-Feng Zhang are associated with the Center. Students interested in occupational epidemiology should contact Dr. Beate Ritz

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