Epidemiology Clinical MPH Graduates

MPH for Clinical Scholars

Contemporary approaches to patient care, healthcare administration, and policy have sparked an increased demand among health professionals for a broader understanding of public health from an epidemiologic prospective. Previous training makes it possible for Epidemiology to accommodate the needs of healthcare providers with an accelerated MPH program that can be completed in one year.

Students with a prior U.S. clinical doctorate degree or currently enrolled in a U.S. medical school are required to complete a minimum of 56 units of graduate and upper division course work for the MPH degree. These students are required to complete PH200A/B, Biostatistics 100B; Epidemiology 200A/B, 400, 410, 413.  Remaining course work will be selected from the Department’s eligible courses. At least eight units must be taken from the 400 level series. All courses towards attaining the degree must be taken for a letter grade.

All Epidemiology-M.P.H. students must submit a report demonstrating competence in epidemiologic methodology. The report may not be submitted prior to the completion of Epidemiology 400.

These students are required to complete a Public Health 200A (8 units), Public Health 200B (8 units), Biostatistics 100B (4 units), Epidemiology 200A (4 units), Epidemiology 200B (6 units), Epidemiology 400 (4 units), Epidemiology 401 (4 units), Epidemiology M403 (4 units), and Epidemiology 413 (2 units). Remaining course work will be selected from the Department’s eligible courses excluding those mentioned above. At least eight units must be taken from the 400 level series. All courses applied to degree requirements must be taken for a letter grade.

As a culminating experience, MPH students are required to take a comprehensive exam and to submit a report on an field study project to demonstrate an understanding of epidemiologic methods and applying what they learned to a public health concern (Epidemiology 400).

Applied Practice Experience 

Students in the MPH for Clinical Scholars program (56 units) will complete a field study in the spring term.  The field study provides the opportunity to apply the materials from the MPH education in a practical setting. Students also enroll in Epidemiology 400: Field Studies in Epidemiology in spring when they are expected to submit their project report for a grade.  

Capstone Plan

The aim of the capstone is to assess each student's ability to select theories, methods, and techniques from across the content matter of a field, integrate and synthesize knowledge, and apply it to the solution of public health problems.  The requirement is fulfilled by completing a project that is specifically designed for the concentration.  Students must be in good academic standing, with a grade point average of 3.0 or better, before undertaking the completion of the capstone requirement.



For more information on eligiblity, admission requirements, and course planning please contact:

Joy Miller
Academic Affairs Officer
UCLA Department of Epidemiology